About Us

Hi, I’m Charlie and I built this site with Max. Welcome to the Beginners Texas Holdem site. You are here because you want to learn how to play poker, or how to play poker better than you do. We love poker and want more people playing and for the standard to improve and that is why we built this how to play poker site. It starts from poker basics; what happens when you sit down to your first game. It can be daunting. Maybe you have passed that stage, but if you haven’t, then our How to play Texas holdem page is the place to start. If you have been to a couple of games but are still confused by which hands win over others, what two pairs beats, or what beats a straight, does quads beat a straight flush? Then go to our Poker winning hands page. And if you have memorised that basic of poker, then you can start using basic Poker strategy for beginners, which will successfully get you through a lot of poker games.

How to win at poker

We have been playing poker for over twenty years and have seen a lot of different styles of poker come and go, but the basics of how to master poker are always the same. From the simple yet eternal concepts in these pages you will be able to build a strategy to win in poker. We have won plenty of tournaments and taken plenty of money away from cash games. If you want to do that too, stick to what you read on this site in the poker strategy section and you will be well rewarded.

Keep coming back to this site as we will be constantly updating it and putting in plenty of tips for playing poker so that you learn how to get better at poker and the how to win at Texas Holdem poker. Remember also, its while winning is important to all of us, poker is a fun game, so have fun, and win or lose a hand, don’t get upset. Every poker player has a thousand bad beat stories. They come and they go. Hopefully though, you will get a lifetime of pleasure from this game.

Good luck and have many successful games ahead of you.